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If you have already purchased a home inspection from Wisconsin Inspection Services & Consulting LLC and are interested in a Home Preservation Plan, we have a program that is just for you!  Having a Home Preservation professional inspection from Wisconsin Inspection Services & Consulting LLC is a smart decision.
Home preservation is a plan of inspections taken periodically to monitor the condition of a home to prevent things from going wrong.  It makes sense to take steps to protect the value of the investment that you have in your home.
The home preservation program is like preventative medicine.  It's like going to the doctor for an annual physical to find out what's in good condition, what needs monitoring and what's needed to keep the body in good shape.  It's the same with a home.  This is not a maintenance or repair program.
The Plan Terms:

        Plan is open to all Wisconsin Inspection Services & Consulting LLC customers that have already had hone inspections completed by us. 

          The buyer pays a membership fee to join the plan.  The fee is non refundable and is not applied against the cost of any inspection the member may purchase under the plan. 

          Membership lasts 5 years.  It starts the day that the customer joins the Plan and ends on the anniversary date 5 years later. 

         The Plan member can purchase up to 5 inspections.   5 is the limit but the member is under no obligation to purchase ANY.  The member will decide when to have the inspections.  Each inspection purchased under the Plan is the same thorough inspection we always provide.  No shortcuts!  This includes an inspection in case the customer may want to sell their current home.

        The inspection price is held during the life of the plan.  Plan members would pay a fixed price, determined when they join, for each inspection purchased over the next 5 years.  The pricing varies from customer to customer, depending on the price paid for their original inspection. 

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