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What We Inspect

Our program has been designed to assure you a thorough, easy to understand overview of the conditions of the home you are about to purchase.  Buying a home is not something you do every day and we provide the information you need for peace of mind.


         We assure the inspection of and report on over 400 items

         We will email a detailed report complete with photographs as needed.

         We will point out major and minor deficiencies to give you the complete picture on your new home's condition.

         We identify any major expenditures coming up so you can budget these potential expenses.

         We identify any potential safety hazards present.

         We will show you how various systems work

         We review and explain the conditions found.

Our inspection services are non invasive, not technically exhaustive report that is a visual inspection of structural elements and systems that are readily accessible.  These would typically include from the ground up:
         Grounds, Driveways, Patios, Porches, Steps, Balconies Retaining Walls & Landscaping as they pertain to the foundation.
         Foundations, Basement and Crawl Spaces
         Structural Framing
         Roofing, Skylights, venting etc...
         Exteriors including Chimneys,  Gutters, Eaves Troughs, Down Spouts, Siding, Soffits, Fascia and Flashings, Caulking, Doors, Windows, Screens and Storms etc...
         Electrical Service and Systems.
         Water Service and Plumbing Systems.
         Heating & Air Conditioning Systems.
         Interiors including Permanent counter tops and cabinets, floors, ceilings, walls, stairs and balconies, interior windows, smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors  etc...
Your inspection will also include a Summary that will hi light items that were not operating, any potential significant issues/ defects, potential safety hazards and maintenance items that might require repair or replacement anytime during the next five years.

Before getting started on repairing any problems that may have been identified by the home inspector, the home buyer may want to learn more about getting the most out of their investment. Rather than focusing on a single problem like an old heating system, not enough insulation in the attic, or a leaking faucet, etc, the home buyer should learn how all of the home repairs and improvements throughout the home can work together to give them the best results.

This is called the "whole house approach".

Just like the engine of an automobile, a house works on a system of interdependent parts, every part having an impact on the operation of many others. A typical home has more than 10,000 parts.

What happens when all of the parts work together in the most desired, optimal way? The home owner is rewarded with a house that is durable, healthy, safe and energy efficient.


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